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About An Hour Ago Chords

The Wanderer
"About An Hour Ago"

G Am C G

  G                                                         Am
There was a man on the road about an hour ago, and he was lookin'

for a ride to New Mexico . We were drivin by, way to fast to know.
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         G                                                 Am
Well we got the place on a high speed chase, there was a girly in

                           C                                 G
corner with a plastic face. Then she disappeared without a trace.

I said without a trace .

G  Am   C
3   0   O
3   1   1
0   2   0
0   2   2
2   0   3
3   0   0

Here's the basic chord progression, just listen to the song for the
rhythm, it's pretty easy. Send any corrections or other O.A.R. tabs
to nate@defnet.com  THANX. Enjoy!!!