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What Is This Im Feeling For You Chords

Title: What Is this Im feeling for you
Artist: Nyoy Volante

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Intro: E-A-E-A-B

I've been thinking
of you today
A                             G#m
And what you said the other
F#m                G#m
When you at looked at me
A                       B
And told me how you feel for me

E        G#m
We met at the school
        A           G#m
We'd hang out together
          F#m        G#m
We started out as friends
  A                                B
And learned to like each other

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E                G#m
What is this feeling for
Why is it you feel the same
way too?
A                              G#m
Where's the laughters and tears
         F#m B
We shared together?

               E           F#m
What is this Im thinking about
feel like I dont wanna hang 
E        A
out anymore
  F#m             A
Oh, what is Im feeling
for you

E             G#m
remeber the times
we chat
A                    G#m
The walks along the street
 F#m        G#m
All those silly games
we played
Dancing through the
night times
(repeat chorus)

A                          G#m
Why is it hard to understand?
F#m                             E
Why is it hard to make demands
A                     G#m
When we feel like wishing
F#m   B
We just let go
(repeat chorus)