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Listen To My Voice Tab

                           Listen to My Voice
                          Gary Numan Guitar Tab
                                                   Tabbed by Kevin Wells

The verse in the song is mainly D but there are also a couple of 
fills which I think are Eb to D and F(8th position) to D. These become more 
prominent in the song as the verse gets heavier.

The verse lyrics are as follows: 
D (with fills) 
Listen to my voice 
And please try to understand 
The one you call "Messiah" is a lie 
You are not the plan 
And you are beginning to annoy 
You are just a game and it has won 
You will never see 
The places promised by your faith 
You will never know eternal peace 
The God you love is gone 
He lies broken by your shame 
The thing that took His place already died 
The Chorus chords are: 
Bb G D 
The little fill at the end of each chorus line is: 

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The Chorus lyrics are 
It will send Angels 
It will send black Angels for you 
The rest of the verses are: 
I am just a voice 
That no one else will hear 
Only you are pure enough for truth 
You must write "The Book" 
And then tear away belief 
Only you can save the light of man.

==                       TABLATURE EXPLANATION                        ==

----------                ----------                ----t---
----5h8--- Hammeron       ----(8)--- Ghost          ----6--- Tap
----------                ---------- Note           --------
----5p8--- Pulloff        ----------                --------

----------                ----------                -----p--
----5/8--- Slide Up       -----x---- Dead           -----7-- Pop
----------                ---------- Note           --s-----
----5\8--- Slide Down     ----------                --5----- Slap 

----------                ||------|| Repeat         --------
----5~~~-- Vibrato        ||*----*||                ---5^--- Bend
----------                ||*----*||                --------
----------                ||------||                --------

----------                ----------                --------
-4:------- Time           ----------                --------
-4:------- Signature      ----------                --------
----------                ----------                --------

  w = whole note            W = dotted whole
  h = half note             H = dotted half
  q = quarter note          Q = dotted quarter
  e = eighth note           E = dotted eighth
  s = sixteenth note        S = dotted sixteenth
  t = 32nd note             T = dotted 32nd
  x = 64th note             X = dotted 64th
  ^ = triplet

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