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I Hope Its You Chords

I Hope It's You

Artist: Ntwine

Intro: B-Em-B-Em

B                     Em
Are you real, or are you a dream
B                 F#m
Are you true, or not what you seem?
Cause I've been here before
                  A6                  A
Don't wanna hurt myself no more

Oh no, no


B7               EM7
Someone who feels for me
Who's constantly in love with me
And cares for me
G#m                           B
Someone who won't say goodbye
C#m             Ebm               F#
Someone who can change my life
I hope it's you
I hope it's you

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Will you stay or will you leave
Shall I doubt  or  shall I believe
'Cause I've been here before
Don't wanna hurt myself no more
Oh no, no

(Repeat Chorus)

E         Ebm
How will I know
                     C#m         B
If you're gonna be here tomorrow
                  E             Ebm
Tell me baby how can I say
                     F#m       B
When there's no other way
                       E                  Ebm
But to give you my heart, my love
   G#m                    C#
I'm trusting from this time
   C#m      Ebm      F#
Baby don't break my heart

(Repeat Chorus except last two lines)

I hope it's you
Oh, I hope it's you