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My Girlfriend Tab

I know this is a nsync song but having nelly on it gives the song a
kind of tight beat so I tabbed it out when it came on the radio.
I figured someone might want this song someday. This tab is 100%
correct. The numbers in parentheses dont have to be played but if you
hit it and let it ring it simulates the bass sound in the song. Enjoy.

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/n/nsync/my_girlfriend_tab.html ]
e |-----44-4-4-----33-3-3-----------------------------------------------------|
B |-----44-4-4-----44-4-4-----------------------------------------------------|
G |-----55-5-5-----55-5-5-----------------------------------------------------|
D |---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
A |-(4)--------(3)------------------------------------------------------------|
E |---------------------------------------------------------------------------|