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Its Gonna Be Me Chords

Title: It's gonna be me
Artist: *Nsync
Album: No Strings Attached
Year: 2000

Transcribed by: Greg Richards
contact info: iceman_greg@yahoo.com

--These are the chords from *Nsync's sheetmusic
songbook to "No Strings Attached"

N.C.    No chord
Gm      355333
Ab	466544
Bb5	x133xx
Cm	x35543
Gm/Bb	x1x033
Cm/G	2x4432
Fm7	131111
Fm	133111
Eb/G	3x134x
G/B	x2x033
Bb	x13331
Bb/D	xx0331
G7	320001
Abmaj7	4x554x
Bb(9)	6x353x

        It's gonna be me    Oo--oh, yeah

N.C.                     Gm              Ab   Bb5
You mighta been hurt, babe, that ain't no lie.

Cm                     Gm/Bb      Cm/G   Ab   Bb5
  You've seen them all come and go,       oh

Cm            Gm/Bb    Gm      Ab          Gm
I remember you told me  that it made you believe in

Fm7        Bb   Cm           Bb
no man, no cry. Maybe that's why every little

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Ab      Fm Bb            Eb/G          Cm
thing I do  never seems enough for you. You don't

      Ab        G/B      Cm           Bb
wanna lose it again, but I'm not like them.

               Ab Fm Bb       Bb6         Cm
Baby, when you finally get to love somebody,

Bb/D  Ab         G7
guess what? It's gonna be me.

Ab            Bb                    Cm  Bb     Ab
There comes a day when I'll be the one, you'll see

      G7                           N.C.
(It's gonna, gonna, gonna, gonna.) It's gonna be me

Abmaj7     Bb Gm                Cm  Ab           G/B
All that I do is not enough for you. Don't wanna lose

   Cm           Bb        Abmaj9     Bb
it, but I'm not like that. When finally you get to

Cm Bb/D Ab                    Bb(9)
love-----, guess what? (Guess what?) Every little

You've got no choice, babe,
But to move on, you know
There ain't no time to waste,
'Cause you're just too blind to see.
But in the end you know it's gonna be me.
You can't deny
So just tell me why? Every little
(to chorus)

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