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I Like That Girl Chords

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Date: Thu, 26 Mar 1998 14:54:41 -0500
From: Steve Nicholson 
Subject: CRD: n/nrbq/i_like_that_girl.crd

I Like That Girl
from the CD "Grooves In Orbit"
play with capo on first fret to match key on album

Well I like that girl
                                Am            D        G
She's the cutest little thing I know plus she likes me back
And all mine from head to toe
         A                             Dm
Yeah she never makes me wonder when it comes to that
        D                G                   C
Well my head's in a whirl 'cause I like that girl

[ Tab from: ]
At a beauty contest
She's the kind that just couldn't lose she ain't lost one yet
'Cause in a gown and dress-up shoes
She's a fine one to talk about etiquette
In a dress she's the best in a beauty contest

C7                      F         G         Am   D
She's so complementary--she looks good with me
Just like every fine duet if I'm a lead note she's my harmony

Well I like that girl
I believe I believe it's love who could argue that?
Now it's somethin' I'm certain of
Yeah I can't help thinkin' she's where it's at
Search the whole wide world but I like that girl

(instrumental verse)

Well I like that girl
Every time I take a look in those eyes I see everything
So it should come as no big surprise
That she's even got me thinkin' 'bout diamond rings
She's a genuine pearl. Well I like that girl

Just like Cinderella. The prince solved the mystery
I conducted the test myself. The slipper looks just the right size to me

(repeat first verse)

G - Am Dm D G |C G| C

-transcribed by Steve Nicholson