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Maybe Tomorrow Chords

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Date: Tue, 20 Jan 1998 02:43:05 -0500
From: Piano Man 
Subject: Maybe Tomorrow by Nouveaux

|Maybe Tomorrow                                     |
|by:Nouveaux                                        |
|CD:...and this is how I feel.                      |
|Transcribed by Nicholas Rivera (|
|corrected by Chris Watson (|
|Copyright:1996 Benson Music Group Inc.             |

Here are the chords that might confuse you. All the rest are standard
A         (x,0,2,2,2,0)
A2        (x,0,2,2,0,0)
D2        (x,0,0,2,3,0)
G         (3,2,0,0,3,x)

Intro A2 A A2 A D2
Verse follows same pattern as intro

A2 A A2 A D2
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    A2      A             A2     A
The Heavens beat a silent symphony
As Orion shines for me
    A2      A                 A2      A
And are you there feeling the same as I
Whispering love songs to the lonely sky

Bridge 1

Dm            A                    Dm
And though I don't know where you are
(And though I don't know who you are) second time
Dm         A
I know you must be there(I know you're beautiful)
Dm           A      E       G
So for now I lay me down to sleep and dream
and maybe tommorow

E     A       E        A
I'll kiss the air that covers you (last time: I'll love you more than life itself)
E    A         B
I'll watch the moonlight dance in your eyes
E    A    E      A
I'll hold safely in my arms
E   A     B               A
Maybe tommorrow you'll be mine
(1st time - A D2; 2nd time - A B C D (2x); 4th time - E)

I said a prayer for you today
May troubles be far away
And I'll be here, on bended knee
Until the day you say you'll marry me

Bridge 1


Bridge 2
E       Bm              D           A
I'll be waiting patiently / Promise you will wait for me
E       Bm             D             A
No one else to hold onto / Until I'm holding you

Bridge 1 chords

Chorus 2 times, leave "you'll be mine" out of last line.