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          Artist:Not By Choice
          Title:Make My Day
          Transcribed By:Kyle Allin
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          MAKE MY DAY
          G                      c
          Attention is what I'm, Is what I'm needing from you.
          E                          c   D
          Even though you're miles away.
          G                            c
          It's not that Im pissed off. I'm just lonely without you.
          E                       c   D
          And everything will be ok.
                      G                    c           E            c
          You make my day. You make my night. You make everything alright,
                       G                A               c    D
          And when you come around you always bring me down.
          Repeat verse and chorus and the bridge part is ringing G's.
          The solo part (if that's what you want to call it) is pretty simple so i'll 
          let you figure that part out. cool?
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