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4 Broken Hearts Chords

4 Broken Hearts by Norah Jones
from album Little Broken Hearts (2012)

My first tab, enjoy!

Please listen to song for strum pattern.

Dm--Am--- G x3

Dm      Am            G
Peo-ple can't be hand made

    Dm  Am            G
But he- keeps slaving away

     Dm      Am               G  
At a st-one that's to hard to break

  Dm    Am                G
A gi-rl who's too lost to save.

       C     G    F
So you tried to re-place me

        Dm     Am  G
but you didn't get far.
      C   G        F
And I tri-ed to re-pay you,

      Dm   Am  G
but I only got scared.

    Dm--Am--- G x2
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Verse 2:
Dm         Am            G
Sh-e'll be breaking your fall,

    Dm      Am           G
and I'll be building new walls.

    Dm             Am           G
But this time I'll have to make sure, to add,

  Dm         Am          G
a window for you to come back.

       C   G        F
And we tr-ied to be faithful

    Dm     Am  G
but didn't get far.

    C  G           F
Now a--ll we'll be left with,

   Dm       Am  G
is four bro-ken hearts.

      C   G       F
And I tri-ed to e-rase you,
    Dm     Am  F
but didn't get far....

F             G 
Enough, away, from you, because
     F                   G 
You still, can break, my heart.

Dm-Am-G x4