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Jaana Tha Chords

Hail Ali Noor !!! Pakistan's answer to Kurt Cobain. A little less intense but an answer none the less. This is one of the best songs on the album. I'm sure you'll like it. If you don't, you definitely have no taste in music whatsoever. THE BIG A!!!

Normal Tuning with a Capo on the 1st fret !!!
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   G					      A	
Meri Soi Himat Jagai Duniya Hai Merai Aagai Jawan ... Hoon Mai Jawan
   G						    A
Jhutai Khwab Peehce Chorai Jeewan Sai Naata Jorai Rawan ... Hoon Mai Rawan
   F			G			  A
Deeyai Ko Naa Bhujana Duniya Ko Hain Sajana ... Bhulana Na Bhulana
   F			G		       A
Dil Nai Ab Hain Jaana Badlaiga Yeh Zamana Tu Jaag ....

  A                   F   G
Jaana Tha Hum Nai Ab Jai Kahan
  A			    F     G
Paana Tha Jo Bhi Woh Hain Paana Yahan
  A			F      G
Ab Himat Sai Hain Mera Sara Jahan
   A            F  G
Mai Dhoondoga Sab Nishan
   A 	        F  G
Mai Chulonga Sarai Asmaan ...

Continue with the same progression throughout the song. It's an easy song to and a good one too. If you have any complaints ... Write them down on a piece of paper, roll the paper into a bit and shove the bit up your ass !!!