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Sweet Times Run Chords

(Gm7, Am7, Bbmaj7, Am7)x2 
(Gm, Am7, Bbmaj7, A7, Dm...) 

Chorus: (Bb, Am7, Gm7, Fmaj7) 

Bridge: (Eb7#11, Dm, Dbmaj7, Gm - Am - Bb - C)

Something in the air is full of promise yet regret
Could it be the local brewery?
I could stay outside all night with friends like family
Drinking pints and smokey scotch whiskey
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But it's not about the weather or whether or not we're young;
It simply has to do with the fun
The company is there and that's all that need be done;
Watch as the sweet times run

We'll meet up in Logan Square, try out the new age pub
Then we'll stumble out into my neighborhood
Regardless of what happens next, I know we'll have a ball
Someday we'll tell our kids we've done it all

Tell me now that you feel well, this much it must be true
That horn-filled bridge could cure bad attitude
If you're still down in the dumps something has to be wrong
So find a friend and sing with them this song