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Never Ever Say Goodbye Chords

Never Ever Say Goodbye
Nonoy Zuņiga

  FM7                      Em7
   Night after night we stay together
  Dm7              Dm7(/G)  C(9)        C7
   Sharing lonely moments that's spell forever
  FM7                   Em7       A7(sus) A7
   Day after day our love gets stronger
  D7(sus)          Dm7                G7(sus)-G7
   Growin' ev'ry minute that we get closer

  FM7   Bb7(sus) Bb7   Gm7    Cm7
   If we ever  have to say goodbye
  FM7            Bb7(sus)-Bb7        Eb
   And go on our own      separate ways
       G(/D)   D7(sus) G(/B)     E7 Am7-Cm7
   I wouldn't know how to get by on my own
         G(/D)      E pause     Dm7(/G)       G7
   After all the lovin' passion you have shown

       (G7sus) Cm7      Am7
   I'll never say goodbye
         FM7          Dm7-Dm7/G
   No matter how they try
            Em7           A7
   To show me love won't last
                              FM7       G7(sus)
   If we're prisoners caught in our past
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                 Cm7         Am7
   Don't let your tears run dry
            FM7       Dm7-Dm7/G
   No need for you to cry
            Em7         A7
   I promise I will stay
      Cm7             FM7   Eb7
   I'm with you all the way
   D(/G)                 G(/B)
   In time they'll soon forget
  Gm(/Bb)      F(/A)    Fm(/Ab)
   That you and I once met
       C(/G)          G7(sus)
   As long as deep inside
      Em7                  A7(sus) A7
   I know it's love, not pride
   Then I will never say 
   Dm7/G        C(9) G#7
   Ever say goodbye

   G#7(sus)   C#M7   A#m7
   I'll never say goodbye
              F#M7        D#m7
   There are no reasons why
  [ch]D#m7/G#[/ch]          FM7      G#m7
   Our souls are so entwined
            C#7       F#M7    E7(9)
   There is us, not you and I

  Eb                  G#(/C)
   Our friends will soon regret
  G#m(/B)     F#(/A#)  F#m(/A)
   Regretting we once met
             C#(/G#)     G#7(sus)
   Because we'll show them all
                   FM7           A#7(sus)-A#7
   We're in love, we can walk tall
                D#m7 FM7
   And we will never say
  F#M7 G#7sus   (coda)
   Ever say goodbye

   Coda: F#M7-C#(/F)-D#m7, FM7, F#M7-G#7(sus)-C#