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Shes Gone Chords

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Date: Wed, 28 Feb 1996 21:26:28 -0800 (PST)
From: Evan MALVOLIO Hulka 

SONG NAME: She's Gone
ALBUM: White Trash, 2 Heebs and a Bean
YEAR: 1992
TABBED BY: Malvolio

She's Gone -- NOFX
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F            G               A  AGF                G             A       AGF
A blackened wick is what remains - the flame was blown out just recently
F              G             C                       CCBA
Although the candle hadn't burned down to the stick
A                     G              F             G    A
It won't be lit again, the day won't be quite as bright
           F                      G           B                       A
We don't know what she may have been, all we know is what she left behind
      F                        G                             C   G   A
An apartment cluttered with children's toys and photos of good times
        F                              G
In the bedroom there's sheets on the windows
            B                    A
There's a four poster bed for a reason
          F                          G
On the floor there's a box full of secrets, it won't be opened
F           G                     A AGF       G              A         AGF
Here older boys and girls would play, all inhibitions were left behind
            G                     C                 CBA
And as the door would close her face began to shine
A                               G               F
This was her finest hour, this was her finest time
G      A             C                D      F           G    A
She's gone and it's not gonna be all right, not for me she's gone
          C                 D
And it's not gonna be all right
F           G     F                G                  A   AGF
Not for me she's gone but not forgotten she's still here
F              G                    A         AGF
In all those years she touched so many lives
F              G               C                     CCBA
Who's gonna watch that little girl she left behind?
A      F                          C     G A        F
C  G
Carol Ann stands alone in the schoolyard, all the other children have gone
A       F                     C            G A        F              G   A
After waiting for hours she can't understand why her mother left her

Solo (this is probably really messed up but hey, NOFX have two guitars)




        F                     G              C                          A
In the darkness she sees definition, in the silence she hears someone calling
        F                            G
After nightmares she lies in bed screaming but there's no reaction
A                       F          G                 A
There's no one listening, there's no one now she's gone
A         C                D      F          G      A
And it's not gonna be all right, not for me she's gone (repeat multiple x)

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