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Reeko Bass Tab

    From: (unknown)
    Subject: BASS TAB: Reeko by NOFX
    Date: Sat, 14 Dec
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    This is, for the most part, dead on balls accurate.  you have to listen with
    the song to get the timing, but the changes and the chords are all more or
    less right.  a friend pointed out that my ending might by screwed up, but
    i'll get to that later.
         reeko....    try and understand         it really is that bad
        it won't...away      the party's over  it's past two o'clock
                  it's about... stop       cause i see the keg... dry
    then there's the other verse, played more or less just like that one.
    and the solo, played more or less excactly like that one.
    then the cool punk rock part.
    for this part i'm just gonna write the chords to save space, cause it
    basically jsut goes along with the guitar pretty easily.
    [F] mr president please under[C]stand  it really is that [G] bad
    it won't just go a[F]way  it's just beginning [C]
    the ballots have been [D] passed we make like seaward [E] rats
    leave this sinking sh[D]ip - [C]leave and not look back
    C [lead guitar plays octaves: G - F - E - D]
    the [F] things we never tried to disa[C]llow have come back to haunt us [G]
    with apple pie and chevor[F]let we've come to see the [C] end
    we all made this [D] bed now we've got no[E]where to lay
    ladies and gentle[D]men [C] try to understand
    C [lead guitar plays octaves: G - F - E - D]
    G [lead guitar plays octaves: G - F - E - D]
    F [lead guitar plays octaves: G - F - E - D]
    C [lead guitar plays octaves: E - D - C]
    full lyrics:  reeko try to understand it really is that bad it won't just go
    away the party's over it's past two o'clock it's about time we stop cause I
    see the keg has been sucked dry
    the crisco emptied into the aquarium the fish all seem to float the ex-lax
    lines the dog bowl the toilet's overflowed we've had our fun so we've got
    nothing left we've got no place left to go
    mr president please understand blah blah blah.
    write me with changes -