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Moron Brothers Chords

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From: "Olkinuora" 
Subject: TAB: Moron Brothers by NOFX
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 1998 14:07:02 +0200

tabbed by: A.Olkinuora


/ = slide


C5 G5 F5 D5 F5ii E5ii (X2) 

[C5]Talkin'bout the[G5]moron bros[F5]tatooed fingers[G5]tatooed toes
(solo lick)[C5] [F5] [C5] [G5] 
[C5] [G5] [F5]  
[C5] [D5] [F5ii] [E5ii]
[C5]they're idiot's they're losers they're scum[F5] 
[C5]taking advantage of [C5]eve[G5]ry[F5]one
[C5]you're a dog they're your[F5]fleas
[C5]doing everything they can to [C5]spread [G5]disease[F5]
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(solo lick)[C5] [F5]   
[C5] [D5] [F5ii] [E5ii]

[C5]they'll take your beer, take your [F5]drugs
[C5]leave with your[C5]microsc[G5]opic[F5]bugs
[C5]their company is something you won't [F5]miss
[C5]when your icetrays are [C5]filled [G5]with [F5]piss 

(solo lick)[C5] [F5]   
[C5] [D5] [F5ii] [E5ii]

[C5]They are the [G5]moron brotheres 
[F5]don't get [G5]along with others (x2)

[C5]they'll whine [G5]they'll bitch [F5]they'll fuck you if you're rich
[C5]they'll leach [G5]they'll latch [F5]they are the itch that you can't scratch

then it the part when they sart going Rdo do do do do do do do doS ect...and the bass is in there like this:
C H A G F E G 

the rest is pretty much the same chords I think.

They'll ink your face, tape your eyelids closed
Tabasco's in your mouth, there's mustard up your nose
When your head is shaved you'll think the worst has passed
Just try to move your leg they've put you in a cast

They are the Moron Brothers
Don't get along with others

They may, not go, down in history
But they'll go down on your sister