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Leave It Alone Chords

I noticed not one single tab site had the correct tabs for this song - 
Figure out the rythem for the intro on your own.. I'm kinda lazy at the moment.

I put it in chords to make it easier


E [---------------------------]
B [---------------------------]
G [---------------------------]  >> X4.. End on F (Let it ring out)
D [------3---2---3---2---3----]
A [------3---3---1---1---1----]
E [---------------------------]

{Verse} (PM)

(F)                 (A)      (D)            (C)               (Bb) (C)     
 Breathe, Ever so soft. We wouldn't wanna break the eggs as we walk
     (F)             (A)       (D)              (C)             (Bb)(C)     
Never alone. Cautious,Afraid.I hear the voice of reason on the p.a.

[ Tab from: ]
        (F)              (A)       (D)               (C)         (Bb)(C)  
Leave it alone.Follow the grain,We couldn't stop the irrisistable force
            (F)                   (A)
Leave it the same. Change with the leaves
(D)            (C)                      (Bb)     (C)
Bringing in the sheaves, Bringing in the old         
          (F)    (F) (F)
Leave it alone 


(F)           (G#)        (C)  (Em) 
   Da na na na na na na na                    >> X4

{Verse 2} (PM)

(F)               (G)        (C)           (G)                 (F)  (G)   
Breathe... Ever so slight. We couldn't take away your god given right  
        (C)               (Em)
Leave it alone... Heal and stay
(A)          (G)                   (F)         (G)
Roll over and shake and beg for the bone
          (C)           (C) (C)
Leave it alone


(F)           (G#)         (C)  (Em) 
   Da na na na na na na na            >> X4 
( 4th time.. drop the Em and end on C)