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Hotdog In A Hallway Chords

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From Mon May 12 13:23:05 1997
Date: Wed, 30 Apr 1997 18:30:32 -0400
From: Alex Schunkel 
Subject: tab (NOFX-Hot Dog in a Hallway)

Name of Band:NOFX
Name of Song:Hot Dog in a Hallway
Transcriber:Alex (
Original Writer:not sure Fat Mike I think

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I.The first part is just the power chord 5/7 then slide both fingers up 1 fret
  do thaat a whole bunch and mute all strings and play that a bunch

II.1.Play this twice 2.Play this to "D" then move "D" up 2 frets 3.Play "D"
twice and dont play Bflt

        A       C#      D       B(flat)
e---------------4-------X-------6------ |
G-------2-------6-------3-------7------ |
D-------2-------6-------3-------8------ |
E---------------X-------X-------6------ |

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