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Fleas Chords

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Date: Sun, 2 Feb 1997 12:17:59 -0500 (EST)

somebody else posted this, but it was so wrong I couldn't believe it.  So
here's the real way it goes...


INTRO:  (open chords)
     G        F         C
     G        F         C
     G        F         C
     G        F         C
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C                        G            D
my father used to say: you sleep with the dogs, the next day
                                   G                       D         C
you'll wake in the bed scratching those inevitable fleas
                   G         F                           C
at ten years old you listen to what you're told
                      G       F       
i never had the itch, i never would.

G     F     C 
G     F     C

C                        G                  D                     C
my mother had forbidden me to waste away my life
                             G                D                 C   
"i want you to have all the things I could never buy you
                                     D                       G         D    E
so don't stop what I've begun...  you're my one my only son.
F                 C                      G
follow what i say not what i've done.
F                 C                      G
follow what i say not what i've done.
C                         D                   G             D       E
shower scrub and shave, cleanly boys don't misbehave
F                 C                       G
follow what i say, not what i've done.

G      F     C
G      F     C    etc etc etc....