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Caroline Chords

Capo 2 & The whole thing is in D shape mofo
Might sound better to you if you use drop D tuning


Repeat this pattern throughout except for bridge

Caroline my baby Caroline my sweet
If I marry Caroline how happy I would be
I wouldnt need no whiskey I wouldnt need no wine
I wouldnt need much of anything if Caroline was mine

Her daddy is a preacher and may he rot in hell
Id sell my soul to satan for a bucket from your  well
Cuz I know that he dont like me and I know hell disapprove
But Im going to marry caroline if its the last thing that I do
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Breakdown  C & D back and forth

Well if I was a painter Id put you down in paint
Id hang you by the mona lisa and put that girl to shame
Or if I was a sailor and sailed the seven seas
Id roll across the ocean just to bring you home with me.

Oh caroline my baby oh caroline my sweet
You make a man go crazy why wont you come to me
Cuz Ive been feeling lonesome  and feelin kinda blue
I think Id rather die than to be away from you

Bridge or whatever

         G       F#m/D       Em        F#m
She said boy you know youve caught my eye
         G       F#m/D      Em        F#m
And I know youre sweeter than apple pie
       G   F#m/D     Em       F#m
But I like my men completely wild
G       F#m       A
So baby keep on tryin  oh oh oh oh