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Avalanche Chords

Noah Gundersen 

Am G F C Am F G (x2)

Verse 1
Am          G             C
I was a wandering bird,
Am          G                F             C
I called away for it to save my soul.
Am               G               C
You were a wandering bird,
        F                                     G            Am                F
and nothing was wrong with killing our time and not killing ourselves.

Verse 2
Am          G                      C
Take me away to the west side of town,
               Am                G                 C                    F
where we laid out our dresses and covered them down
                Am            G             F             C
there was sky full of blue, and sky full of grey
         F                                     G            Am             F
I was wondering how it could stay that way, I just walked away.
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F                                                                        C
Now is the time when the colors align and you lay in your bed dripping 
 G               Am
naked with sweat
        F                         G              Am               F               C
and I call around for answers to come but its so f**king hard when you 
F                         C
donít know your done
F              C             G              Am
its almost over but nothing is wrong

Am                 C               G          C                  F                 C 
You were an avalanche, I was a city perched desperately close to the 
Am                        G               F                 C               F              C
You called out for water, and I gave you wine like a b*tch that I was
       G                 C
and I called you mine. 
  Am                                  G                               F
Its so hard to know when its over when its not begun.
Your body is calling me,
C              F                     G
I cant get right when Iím wrong,
                      F          C                        
but you are so beautiful.
                  F            C
You are so beautiful,
                     F      Am G C
babe your so beautiful.

C F C (x2)