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This is the first Tab I've ever made, so feel free to give me crap if it's not a good
I don't need your DAMNED pity! Haha, anyways, this is the tab for the version of the song
in the second half of Noah and the Whale's first La Blogotheque video. Here's the url:
This is NOT the tab for the first two songs played on the video, it's the tab for the
played towards the end in the apartment.

(note:for the intro and verse 1, use the A bar chord instead of the easier one lower on
neck. For the rest of the song just use regular A.)


Verse 1:
A                E
When the baby's born
           A              E
Oh, let's turn it to the snow
        F#m              E
So that ice will surely grow
     F#m               E
Over weak and brittle bones
            A                E
Oh, let's leave it to the wolves
          A                 E
So their teeth turn it to food
         F#m               E
Oh, its flesh keeps them alive
         F#m               E
Oh, its death helps them survive
         F#m   A      E              F#m     E
Oh, the world can be kind in its own way

(repeat the chord progression for verse 1 instrumentally before going into verse 2)
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Verse 2:
               A          E
Oh well your future's a machine
            A             E
With the mechanics of a dream
            F#m                  E
It is your mind that spins the wheel
          F#m                   E
And your heart that makes you feel
          A                 E
All the guilt for all your sins
        A              E
Oh and as that wheel spins
            F#m            E
Oh well it plays as they believed
              F#m               E
And for your husband you have grieved
        F#m    A       E               F#m   E
Oh the world still deceives you as it turns
(no instrumental break, cut straight to the next part)

      D (let ring)                 A (triplets)
Well in my lucid moments I could see
             F#m (let ring)                    E (triplets)
Oh that the heart might be the weakest part of me
            D (let ring)                        A (triplets)
Oh and the moon controls the movements of the tide
          F#m (let ring)                        E (triplets)
Oh but it has no weight on the movements of my mind

(This next part is acapella until the next chord is brought up. This section is supposed
be suspenseful so I would implore you to improvise with what you have around you as
through this section, and have your friends or audience sing it with you)

But if you turn your hands into flames

All their light will burn the same

Whether you just pass it through

or if it's what you want to do
(NC)       D        A
And your sense of culpability
              D               A
Is from the guides that you perceive
Will show you grace
Oh when you turn to a ghost

        D                 A
Oh but now the love you found
            D               A
Is raising you from muddy ground
             D                 A
And oh the death will let you down
'Cause your curse
Will go on the same

AND THAT'S THE END! Such a fun song, both to listen to and to play. Once again, feel
to criticize me if I'm wrong, in fact, e-mail me at about it.
me your corrections, etc. Also, if you know the fiddle part and want to make a tab 
that, feel free to use this as a reference.