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No Doubt - Sailin On
Submitted By: Anjel

This song has two versions. It has the laid back ska version
that is on the MOM album. It also has a faster style that ND
usually play at their live shows. Unfortunately, none of my
bootlegger friends have ben able to locate a copy of the fast
version so this below is the ska style taken straight from
the album.

part 1 (the verse and everything before the first chorus)

*note in order to get that delayed guitar screech that Tom has
you need to have a multi track recorder as well as an effects
processor or delay pedal. If you have all of this and would
like to know how to do the lick e-mail me and I'll send it
to you. It is not an essential part of the guitar line!

verse 1- reverb on guitar

-7- -9-
-7- -9-
-m- -m- 
-m- -m-
-m- -m-
-m- -m-

*the "m" means mute
also remember that the top line is the thinnest string!!

The above two chords (one chord = one column) are the only
chords used in the verse. I don't think you need me to tell
you exactly when to hit them. Just remember that those are
the chords and make them fit!! 

chorus- turn on distortion/reverb
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-m- -m-
-m- -m-
-m- -7-
-4- -7-
-4- -5-
-2- -m-

The chorus is only two chords long (just keep repeating them!!).
However after the second chorus there is a variation when
Gwen says "Yeah" right before the first horn solo. This is it.
Do this directly after completing the chorus for the second time.variation- distortion 

-m- -m- -m- -m- (studder last chord to the beat) 
-m- -m- -m- -m-
-m- -m- -m- -m-
-5- -6- -5- -6-
-5- -6- -5- -6-
-3- -4- -3- -4-

Everything else is fairly self explanatory until they get to
the last leg of the song. When the song really picks up and
Gwen is saying "Too many years with too many tears". When this
part starts quietly just use the verse chords. However when it
gets loud switch to these chords and turn on your distortion.

-0- -m-
-0- -m-
-0- -m-
-2- -11-
-2- -11-
-0- -9-

Rotate between these chords. If you don't know when to play
each one play along with the cd. Make sure your guitar is
in tune!! The last part is the wind down when Gwen says "OHHHH"
It is also two chords.

-m-  -13-
-m-  -13-
-m-  -14-
-m-  -15-
-13- -15-
-11- -13-

THAT'S IT!! Now you can jam on Sailin' On all you like.
-Eric Dumont