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From: "Luceid Zephyrson" 
Subject: n/nixons/the_fall.crd
Date: Fri, 05 Jun 1998 16:21:18 PDT

Alright, everyone, just a note. I found out that this song
can be played without hideously detuning your guitars. Tune
down to Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb and susbstitute Ab5sus2, E, and
Dsus2/D for Gb, Db, and Csus2/Csus4. The Eb5 and Db5 during
the prechorus become Gb5 and Eb5. I don't know how that one
works. This is probably more desirable than dropping your
tuning to E parallel C. You're welcome, as are comments,
suggestions, etc.

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Ab5sus2                                   E
Is this the way do you recall any of this
Do you know where we're going
Ab5sus2                                      E
Can you see what's ahead can you make out a path
Can we keep our footing
And if you keep me awake and you can show me the way
I might sometimes lead
But for now for the fall will you promise that
Someone will catch me (catch me)
           Ab5sus2   E
'Cause I'm fallin' in
Into the real life
Ab5sus2   E
Fallin' in
Into the real life

The bridge is the same pattern, played in the II position
instead. End on a D chord, not the Dsus2. That's

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