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Ripplin Water Chords

                          Ripplin' Water
                      Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
           Chords/Lyrics transcribed by Chris & Brittany

            D                                                 G
I?ve got ripplin water to wake me, to the mornin my woman in love,
                              Bm                   A
And tall pine trees are are pointen us easily to heaven above.
 D                                            C                      G
Blue spruce flamin on the grate in the evenin, takes the chill a way fine,
Em                 B7                   E
Cut the telephone line the stories the same.
           D                                                            G
There?s a worn red chair by the window, that we found at a sale down the way,
                                     Bm                       A
When some old women said that they needed more room for the winter.
      D                                                  C                       G
But people like pullen out the stuffin when they sit down, and so it passes the time;
Em                 B7                    E
Cut the telephone line the stories the same.

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   A                               E                                    A
Oooooooh like a bubble on a windy day, start to flutter when i here ya say,
That you feel to good to go away
         E                A                                    E
And you make me feel fine, and you?ve made my world a warmer place,
                                    A                                    B
By the sparklin of your diamond face------on a frayed spot put a little lace
         E               B                E             B
And you make me feel fine, warm as the mountain sunshine,
        E                  B        E                   A--------E A G A
On the edge of the snowline, in a meadow of columbiiiiiiiiiiines

D                                                            G
Oh little Jennifer I?d give a penny for whatcha got on your mind,
                         Bm                     A
Seems  like most of the time your lyin there dreamin...but...
  D                                               C                      G
Maybe in your vision you?ll see how are mission is, slightly less than devine,
Em                 B7                    E--------G A
Cut the telephone line, the stories the same.
           D                                                               G
And now ripplin waters flow through pipes in the walls and it's keepin me warm,
                                  D                     A
And the closest I?ve been to my family for days is my music.
          D                                        C                   G
But the silent stare in the mornin? sky, is like hearin her callin my name
Em                     B7                       E
You cut the telephone line the story might--- change. CHORUS---------E A repeat END