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Lowlands Chords

THE LOWLANDS - Nitty Gritty Dirt Band (featuring Jaime Hanna and Jonathan McEuen)

      C#m               A                                E
I'm headed for the lowlands would you please direct my way
                     B                              C#m
The train is leaving shortly there's no time for de-lay
     C#m              A                            E
She told me she'd be waiting I'm not so sure she is
                     B                                  C#m 
I heard that there's another man who claims that she is his

       C#m           B                        C#m
The lowlands were my home when I was but a child
                   B                          C#m  
they will be my deathbed when I've passed my time
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     C#m        A                               E
I remember one summer day the clouds began to build
                B                                    C#m  
We gathered the cattle that had scattered cross the fields
                  A                          E 
Well it started to rain and continued several days
                 B                               C#m 
The river over-flowed and the crops all went to waste

to chorus

     C#m               A                                E  
You know that I'm no failure through my victories are few
              B                                 C#m                                        
I'm trying my best but there's too much here to do
            A                                   E
That girl I love once told me I made her feel se-cure
                        B                              C#m
It's hard to think I've been replaced. Nothing does en-dure.