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Version: 3 Type: Bass Tab

Verse Chorus Verse Bass Tab

		-Verse Chorus Verse bassline

	I know that there is already a version of this song,
which is from the No Alternative CD. However, this is the 
version a friend of mine transcribed, and though I haven't 
heard the CD for some time, I know this fits and sounds 
better than the currently posted version.

			-Tabulation- Brett Richardson
			-Posting- Tyler Hunt

4/4, regular tuning

*Intro- 4 measure rest

[ Tab from: ]



s =slide
3= =hold the note

	Alright, put it together:
  Verse (3x)		Verse (4x)
  Chorus		Chorus
  Verse (4x)		Intro
  Chorus     		Verse (3x)


This is a great cover song, as most 
people have never heard it, it sounds
good live, and it's got a great bass

One rule- NO PICKS. ever. 

	questions, comments, or good