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Something In The Way Tab

title: something in the way
album: nevermind
tabbed by: jack white (

hey, this is my first ever tab and it was totally original which i'm
proud of! and i just figured it out whilst playing around with power
chords. there are plenty of ways to play this but this is mine.nirvana
are the best band ever but this isnt one of my favourite songs but
anyway here goes.
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play around with this i'm not sure which way round though.

F                 A

D ----------------------------
A ------3----3--------7----7--
E ---1-----1---1---5-----5---5

this would be the verse riff, but the chords could be C and A i'm not
sure, just see what sounds best and adjust it. for the chorus just
use these chords but you could play them as normal chords and not
power, i think barre chords are probably best. just see how it goes.
any questions, comments etc, email me, cya