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Sliver Tab

Sliver by Nirvana
Incesticide album

Intro and some of the verses :
e ------------------------------|  
B ------------------------------|  
G ------------------------------|  
D ------------------------------|  
A ---3--3-3--------3--1-0---0-1-|  
E ----------1--1-1---------3----|  

The chords are all open, or I play em open.

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Mum and Dad went to a show
Dropped me off at Grandpa Joe's
Kicked and Screamed said please but no

A               C
Grandma take me home

A      F      A      C
Had to eat my dinner there
Mashed potatoes and stuff like that
couldn't chew my meat too good

(repeat chorus and verses)

You know the chords, you know the song. You should be able to
figure it all out.