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Wish Bass Tab

Wish off of Broken by nineinchnails
(someone requested some, so here's one)
This has been in a guitar magazine, but only
thing I needed it for was the synth lines over the vocals.

Play this bit during the vocals:
("riff A")

But I am the one usually screaming (err, singing), and
that lead line is a bit touch while screaming, so I usually
get my bassist to play it like so:
(Which actually I think sounds better)

So ya play that while you sing the verses.. so you sing
a line, then hit the chords, which are as follows:
(for this, strum up and down, slam all the chords, go
bonkers.. this is nin, the more noise the better)

("riff b")

[ Tab from: ]
RiffA				       Riff B
This is the first day, of my last days ...................
(a) Build it up, now take it apart, climbed up real high, now falldown
real far (b)
(a) No need for me to stay, last thing left, I just threw it away! (b)
(a) my faith in god, or  my trust in you, now there's nothing more fucked
up I can do! (b)
(at the last line, play the "riff b", pause a sec, then do it again)

Chorus is basically "riff b" plus 2 chords:

----			       ---	
-10-			       -5-	
-10-			       -5-	
-10-			       -5-
-8--			       -3-				Riff B
----			       ---	

Wish there was something real, wish there was something true.
Wish there was something real, in this world full of you!

Next verse (same guitar parts)
Now I'm the one without a soul, I'm the one  with this big fucking hole!
No new tale to tell, 26 years, on my way to hell.
Gotta listen to your big time hard line bad luck FIST FUCK!
Well don't think you're having all the fun, you know me, I hate EVERYONE!

Back to chorus, but throw in more "This world full of YOU!"

Then it's basically a jam time, with a distorted synth line,
and i'll tell ya, it's pretty easy if you have other people going
nuts with this behind you to go from the "riff b" to the synth
line, and make it sound nice and full. It's really easy.
For the line, I drop low E to a D so I can just use 1 finger.
You know the part, listen to the music:

(Ugh, time is slim, I'll just show the fret on the low-e (now a d),
and you understand, just press down all the strings there)


Have fun. It's a great song to let loose on.
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