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Version: 3 Type: Bass Tab

Sanctified Bass Tab

this song has been tabbed once before as far as i know and its not right (in my opinion)
so here is my thoughts on it.

regular tunig:G D A E

Note: if you listen to the song you'll probably think it has some destortion, this
however is not the case. just turn the bass down on your amp and have treble up as
far as it will go. its one of the coolest bass lines ever. enjoy!!!

bass starts (0:18)    after drum intro
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this continues the whole way up untill  (3:17)
                 (3:17)-(3:53) = drum interlude


the only variations heard are occasionally bending the '8' and '3'

at (3:16) bend the last note and sustain it untill it just fades out.

Thats your lot. Enjoy. I have tried to submit this so many times.