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Sanctified Bass Tab

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Sanctified               By: Nine Inch Nails
Greets to Mark P! Thank for the help!

q = quarter note	Q = dotted quarter note
e = eighth note		E = dotted eighth note
s = sixteenth note

Bass:	P=pluck
	I play this w/ a pick and pick _HARD_ on the P

     q q e e e Q   q q e e e Q  
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Guitar (Chorus):
	This is how I was showed to play the chorus part (Im a bassist).
	It's very 'stringy'.  Listen to see where Trent chokes/mutes the
	strings.  During the verse there are also choked/muted strings in the 
	background, but they're very faint.

     E  s  e  e  E  s   q  q  q  q   E  s  e  e  E  s   q  q  q  q

"Im on my hands and knees, I want so much to believe." -Trent Reznor
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