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Only Bass Tab

                             Only - Nine Inch Nails
Tabbed by: Conor Bailey

Tuning: Drop D

There is only 2 parts to this song and I myself couldn't find any correct tabs
for even this, so I transcribed the 2 lines and here they are.
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Chuck on some pretty hefty overdrive and maybe use a wah heel-down to
act as a filter during the verses etc to highlight the right frequencies. And I
play some notes nearer the head stock to get more treble out of it. I also advise
using a pick to get the right sound, especially during the verses.

Intro & Chorus 'There is no you! There is only me'


Every other section 

Be sure to mute the strings between notes and play a few muted notes and
string slides every now and then to fill it out a bit.

G|--------------|                      |--------------|
D|--------------|   Occasionally       |--------------|
A|--2-2--0-0-0--| stop a note shorter  |--2-2--0-0----|
E|--------------|     like so          |--------------|