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No You Dont Bass Tab

Tuning: Drop D (low to high DADG)

There's only one bassline in the entire song, which is played several dozen times 
excepting a short bridge at about 2:40. So, I think it's kind of pointless to include how many 
it's played in each section of the song.

I find it more effective to plug the bass into a regular guitar amp and use heavy distortion.
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G -------------------------------|
D -------------------------------|
A -------------------------------|
D -2-0-2--2-0-2--2-0--3-4-5------|

End riff (heavy part)

G --------------------------------------------------|
D --------------------------------------------------|
A --------------------------------------------------|
D -2-0-2--2-0-2--2-0--3-4-5---2-0-2--2-0-2--2-0-----|