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Im Looking Forward To Joining You Finally Chords & Tabs

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Version: 2 Type: Bass Tab

Im Looking Forward To Joining You Finally Bass Tab

Arthur: Fuji 
Song: I'm Looking Forward To Joining You, Finally
Artist: Nine Inch Nails
Album: The Fragile

Comments: Thanks to Alex Robertson  for this tab. 
The french guy screwed up this tab so if any of you tried it, you might have 
noticed that it didn't sound quite right. I know for certain that the song 
is in the Key of D at 83 bpm (that is only useful to you if you are 
programing it into a computer or keyboard). I know this info cause of the 
program I got from the concert. So here is the tab. I have some revisions 
that make it sound better than Alex's tab.

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"in the blur of serenity"




"tears of naivity..."




Here's how to play it:

Verse (dunno how many times to play it)
"in the blur..." part 4x
Chorus 1x
Verse 1X
Chorus 1X
Verse (dunno how may times)
"in the blur..." 3x
"tears of..." 1x
"in the blur..." 1x
repeat chorus verse part
nice long rest
frill (dunno how many times)
Repeat chorus verse part)

I know that sounds kinda weird but it's how to play it. If need be, I can 
send the drum part to anyone who needs it. All you need to do this song live 
is a drumset, bass, keyboard, and a good singer. Have fun!