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Closer Bass Tab

song: closer
band: nine inch nails

Well, here is what I could figure out of closer.  I dunno why anyone 
would really want to play this in a band, unless they had a really 
versitle keyboardist, or a realnice midi setup, but here it is anyway.
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this is the bass line as far as i can tell (i've only
heard it on my guitar).  it can be played with either
a wah pedal, or with some other funky (literally) pedal
that i can't remember the name of right now.  it's the 
same kind they use to do the groovy (literally) back-
ground guitar in all those old 70's movies.

i hope this transcription isn't tp hard to understamd, and i
hope anyone who does understand it enjoys is.  any comments, 
corrections, suggestions are welcome, just mail to the address

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