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13 Ghosts Ii Chords & Tabs

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13 Ghosts Ii Chords

13 Ghosts II - Nine Inch Nails
Tabbed by:	Edaemus 
Email:		You wish. 

Tuning:		Standard (EADGBe) 

This is pretty simple. 
No, it's not exactly what Trent is playing on the piano, but that just 
wouldn't work on guitar and this sounds good. I know for a fact that the other tab 
on here is crap. 
So there. :)

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   G    C    G    C  Gmaj7   C  Gadd9  Cadd9
G|--------------------------------2--0---------------------------| And repeat. 
D|------2---------2----------2----------2------------------------| Simple! 

I'm working on 36 Ghosts IV at the moment as well.