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Back To Me Chords

Song: Back To Me
Author: Nine Days
Album: The Maddening Crowd
Tabbed  by:

This is my first tab, but I'm pretty sure  this is right. You'll have to listen to the timing but 
it's a fairly easy song. If you find anything  wrong please e-mail so I can make the corrections, thanks.


Cadd9  x32033
D      xx0323
G6     x20033
F      133211
Em7    022033
G      320033


If You would just come back to me
I would be so good
Put your trust back in me
At least I think you should
We'll call it my pathology
So I misunderstood
A bit selfish I should be
If I could change I would
                     Cadd9  D    G6  F
I can  see it  on my face

Cadd9  D    G6  F

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Cadd9   D
All I wanted was a friend
G6      F
To look at me to comprehend
Cadd9    D
All I  wanted was to fly
G6       F
How could you sit and watch me die
Cadd9     D
All I wanted was you there
G6        F
Your cruelty was my despair
G6        D                G6           F
You just killed me so the story goes

Em7          D                 G                 Cadd9               Em7      D
Once upon a time  there was a girl who loved me more than life itself
            G        Cadd9
And by the duck pond she said
Em7              D                   G               Cadd9                  Em7    D
Carved our names into the bark we climbed the tree I slipped and fell behind
And I now I'm sorry


All reminds me of your name
We saw fortune through the rain
Everyday and everyplace
Everywhere I kissed your face
All the sacrifice  in vein
How could you put all the blame
Upon me that's not fair so the story goes

Once upon a time we had the moon we had the stars we were devine
Upon my shoulders she cried
Now she hides her faith her fears and throws herself before her bed of lies
She'll be sorry


BRIDGE: (same as verse)