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Another Day Chords

Nine Days - Another Day

Tabbed by Jim B (
Very easy song

G      320033   Em7   022033

Cadd9  x32033   Dsus4 000233

Intro (piano)
just notes of the song chord progression

G Em7  Cadd9 Dsus4 (u can use just D if u want)

Verse 1.

G                Em7               Cadd9          Dsus4
Heres another day she waits and pulls herself away...

Pre chorus.

G                Em7               Cadd9          Dsus4
You needed just another girl to get you through the door

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G                Em7               Cadd9
You've got just enough honesty, to make you want

a little more


G  Em7      Cadd9    Dsus4
I wish for nothing but the rain

G   Em7     Cadd9   Dsus4
to fall, and wash away everything

G           Em7
that i've done wrong

 Cadd9              Dsus4
find a way to make you strong

if only for another day

(and then back to G)

Thats all you need, because the whole chord progression pretty much repeats itself
and if you cant figure out the specific parts your self from those chords then
you don't deserve to play them!

good ol' nine days