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17 And 33 Chords

Standard Tuning
Intro: B  F#  C#m  E  

B                             F#      C#m                               E
  I can remember getting out never, Back in my high school acting like damn fool

B                     F#        C#m                            E
Solid as woods under my feet, A farther stretching past the concrete

   B                           F#             C#m                        E
& I would accomplish more than I thought so, Jump in the backseat of a camaro

B                       F#      C#m                     E
I could let go all that I can, She would make me into a man


G                         Dm7                                C
Back in the country I was oh so young but much too old back then
For leaving cap le moine
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G                         Dm7
On top of bale´s of hay waiting for grandma´s party

C                                G
we laughed and sang songs in the wind


A                        E          Bm         D   A
Do you remember in September, I was 17 she was 33, Oh,

 D            F#             Bm        A               E
where has my life gone Since she was naked, we were wasted

      Bm                          D
In my many dreams since then it seems funny

A             D                      Bm
I only get younger with each every summer

              G                  E
But more of a man, I feel that I am, am


A             E                     D
A smile of a child is all (that) I was, With freedom and wide open eyes

A             E               D                               C
Those memories are not forgotten, I´ve gotta get back to my heart