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Loving You Chords

"Loving You"

standard tuning:
G/B 020033
Am/G 302210
C/E 032010
F/G 003213
Am/F# 202210
G/F 100022
F/C 033210
C                            G/B
    It's been quite a while
      Am                 Am/G

It really kept me wanting you
                F                           C/E 

You've got some style that's so unique
        Dm7              F/G 

So beautiful, so warm, so deep

C                        G/B

Stay with me tonight
  Am                      Am/G           

Let me know the kind of love
            F               C/E 
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That will remain forever be
         Dm7                      F/G         |C - F/C|C - F/C, Am/F#|      

A dream that you have made reality



F         G/F       Em7

Loving you, ohohoh
                    Gm7 Am/F#   F   

Is such an easy thing to do
         G/F               Em7  

No you'll never know
         Gm7        Am/F#   F                    G/F    

It's driving me crazy coz it grows and grows

But I won't let it stop

No I'm not giving up
   Dm7                F/G  

Loving you, oh loving you
                                        |C - F/C|C - F/C, F/G| 

    Just have been too much