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Everybodys Talking Chords

Everybods' Talkin'

Everybody's Talkin  

E  A  B7   

 Everybodys' Talkin' at me 
I don't hear a word there sayin'
  B7                   E
 Only the echos of my mind
 People stoppin' stairin'
 I don't see their faces
  B7                        E
 Only the shadows of there eyes

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  A                 B7
 I'm goin where the sun keeps shinin'
 Through the pourin rain
  A              B7             E 
 Goin where the weather suits my clothes
   A                 B7
 Bankin' off of the north east wind
 Salin on a summer breeze
 A                      B7            E
 An skippin' over the ocean, like a stone

Razek or Bazek

Listen, alright, it's a good song, so use it. The last person who wrote this in 
put it in the wrong key signature! It's in the right one now...