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Road To Calvary Chords

Artist: Willie Nile
Song: Road To Calvary (for Jeff Buckley)
Album: Beautiful Wreck of The World

Capo 2


D   Bm   G   D
D   Bm   G   A
G   D    

Verse 1
D         Bm                   G          D  
I saw St. Christopher walking downtown on main
D          Bm              G         A
With Black Madonna fingers holding a flame
D         Bm             G         D  
I saw an eagle rising out of the blue 
D         Bm            G            D 
I heard a car crash it reminded me of you
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Verse 2
I saw a baby starve in North Africa
Too weak to cry, her tears fell down on the straw
I saw this orphan lift her wagabond eyes
Right at that moment I came to realise that

D         A    G              D
You carry me across the mighty river
D           Bm    G              A
You lift me up above the raging sea
D           A        G            D
You give me all this love you deliver
D              Bm                G            D
Straight to my back porch on the road to calvary

Verse 3
I saw this rich man with his bracelets of gold
Four cars, yacht and a mistress I'm told
Somewhere a restless wind blows out to the sea
Somewhere there is a place for you and for me


Verse 4
Now if you're wondering where I was last night
With black madonna yeah she gave me a light
I guess there's not a whole lot more I can say
Just tell St. Christopher where all on our way

Chorus twice

That's all folks'