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Dont Kill The Flame Chords

beautiful song from roll roll and flee
sarcevic is a big man!
chords by ListenUp (seby from rc)

ringraziamento speciale a max e paqquino che mi hanno dettato gli accordi!

intro: G E Am

               G       C           
You just walked out the door
          G       G7                Am
Left me with a feeling of still wanting more
           Dm         Am
Are we done now, who knows?
           G              E             Am
Well, I guess thatís the way cruel love goes

I canít act like before
The words still come out but the contents is poor
My hunger is bad, nights too long
Tell me, where did I go wrong?
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              Dm                    Am              
Donít kill the flame, the spark to my aim
                E7                   Am
Please let it burn even though Iím to blame
                Dm                  Am
Donít still my heart, donít break it apart
             E           E7                  Am
Youíre the spark to my aim so donít kill the flame

(repeat verse)
You still got me on hold
Iím close to perdition but yet I feel cold
You say time heals the scar
Iíd say that depends on who you are

       C                     G
Love starts in heaven but ends on the ground 
      Dm                  Am         G
And clearly I somehow fell down
     C                         G
I know youíre still up there since youíre not around
  Dm               G       E               Am  
So what will it be now an angel or clown?