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Killin Hippie Tab

******Killin Hippies******


This punk song is pretty easy to figure out all you need os a little distortion.

so here is the lyrics:

 " I see a hippie hangin around
   Hey, little bugy i wanna see
   Your brains out


   He looks weird
   And, he smell strange
   If there is something
   Thats make me sick
   Thats is a hippie beside me

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ref. Let`s kill all the hippie in town
     Let`s kill when are hangin around
     Let`s kill all the hippie in town
     Let`s kick them in the head when are down"

thats the lirycs.

now the guitar tab:

palm muted and distortion x355 to x244 on the verse

only distortion 133 355 577 on fight fight fight

and on the refren x355 355 1333 355

I tabbed very fast ,i hope you will understand it.
Anyway soon will be a newer version of this tab.
Enjoy this tab.

Alex, from Nihilism

date-n mortii tei, hii cei asta ba zloboz.