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Poison Chords

I think the verses and the bridge is just Am and the chorus is Dm/F/Am/C

Got venom dripping from my lips
Know who youíre about to kiss
Think that you can handle it, boy, itís on
Just step into the danger zone
Shake it if you wanna roll, never bend,
Just take control, stakes are on

So sick, get a grip, gonna stick to a stick
I donít think that I can stop this
Pick it up, let it drop, when it drops slip it up
Oh no, Iíll never stop
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     Dm                 F                    Am
That bad girl power I got, Iíll abuse it tonight
                  C                 Dm
Cause tonight got poison on my mind
             F                         Am
That power I got youíll be mine when I strive feel alive
    C              Dm
Got poison on my mind
                  F                           Am
I got that poison (uh huh), I got that poison (uh huh)
                   C                 Dm
I got that poison, that poison on my mind