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Hero Chords

I'm pretty sure those are the actuall chords.
Notice: The song is in 6/8.

Am            F
I am so high, I can hear heaven

Am            F
I am so high, I can hear heaven

    Ab         Bb         F
Whoa, but heaven, No, heaven don't hear me


And they say that a hero could save us

   Bb                        C
I'm not gonna stand here and wait

I'll hold onto the wings of the eagles

     Bb              C
watch as they all fly away

   Am              F
Someone told me love would all save us

   Am                 F
But, how can that be look what love gave us
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          Ab                   Bb             F
A world full of killing and blood spilling that world never came


                                  [Guitar Solo]

                     [Ab     Bb     C     Ab     Bb     F] X2

              Ab                       Bb                    C
Now that the world isn't ending it's love that I'm sending to you

              Ab                       Bb               F
It isn't the love of a hero and that's why I fear it won't do


[Now it just continue with "and they watch it up, and they watch it up, as they
all fly away" a few times, and while that's goung, you continue play:]

                              Ab     Bb     F     C

and that's it. Hear the song to understand better the timing, and etc.