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This is the part i know so far ive been through many sites to find tabs for this song 
of course they screwed them up but i know this is right took me a while to type it all in 
out messing up but this is a great fantastic beautifu song enjoy ^^
Im only 14 years going on to 15 soon so be easy on me if somehtings not right on this 

(((Standered Tuning)))


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|--------------------------2-2-0-----0------|  (x2)

Thats mostly what i have now its hard to hear cause theres always a violen in the middle 
it all BUT LISTEN to the song and time yourself so you can get the right cordination of 
fast the beat and yeah u get the point ^^
this is truly a great song these tabs right hear are 100 %
right....iiii just need the ending to it anddd im DONE YAY GO ME HOHO >.<

Yours Truly,
    A Nickel Creek Fan...