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Loveletter Chords

			   Loveletter - Nick Cave  
Tabbed by: Frank

Couldn't find a tab for this great song from the "No more shall we part"-album, so here
it is. Originally a song for piano, but it sounds good on an acoustic guitar as well,
especially if played fingerpicking-style to get the bass-notes. I've tabbed just the
chords - the piano plays a few notes different here and there. Listen to the record,
and enjoy!

Tuning: standard (To play along to the record, use a capo on the 1st fret). 

(Chords relative to capo)
D:	x00232
D/F#:	200232 (use your thumb to play F# on the E-string)
G:	320033
A:	x02220

D	D	G	G 	x4

Verse 1:
D              D/F#        G 
I hold this letter in my hand
 A plea, a petition, a kind of  prayer
              D/F#           G
I hope it does as I have planned
Losing her again is more than I can bear
D            D/F#            G
I kiss the cold, white envelope
I press my lips against her name
             D/F#                 G
Two hundred words, we live in hope
The sky hangs heavy with rain

[ Tab from: ]
D       D/F#           G   
Love letter, Love letter
D        D/F#       G
Go get her, go get her
D       D/F#            G
Love letter, love letter
D       D/F#        A
Go tell her, go tell her

Verse 2:
D         D/F#                G
A wicked wind whips up the hill
A handful of hopeful words
             D/F#       G
I love her and I always will
The sky is ready to burst
D                 D/F#            G
Said something I did not mean to say
Say something I did not mean to say
                  D/F#              G
Said something I did not mean to say
It all came out the wrong way


Verse 3:
D           D/F#             G
Rain your kisses down upon me
Rain your kisses down in storm
        D/F#                    G
And for all who'll come before me

In your slowly fading forms
D          D/F#        G
I'm going out of my mind
Will leave me standing in the rain
          D/F#            G
with a letter and a prayer
Whispered in the wind

A            G
Come back to me
A             G
Come back to me
A            G          A      D
Oh, baby, please come back to me