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Mystery Guitar Man Chords

			     MYSTERY GUITAR MAN - Nice Peter
Tabbed by: Priscillia G

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             Gm                  D5
He's made of magic, and he poops jellybeans
          Gm                         Bb
He uses a Macintosh computer that is powered by a baby's dreams
          Eb      Gm
He can fly, if he wants to
               Ab                             Bb
But he doesn't want to, so he doesn't usually fly

       F#      Bb
He's a mystery guitar man
F#      Bb
Mystery guitar man
B      Bb   B      Bb
Guitar man, guitar man

D--1-3-4-----------4---3-4-1--|  x2

Eb F# Bb

Guitar man mystery, guitar man mystery
Guitar man mystery, guitar, man.